jimmy c newman - grand ole opry member - cajun country artist
jimmy c newman - grand ole opry member - cajun country artist
The legendary, Grammy nominated Jimmy C. Newman - An absolute pioneer in Cajun-Country music history!

He charted 33 songs on the Billboard Country Chart from 1954-1970.  A multitude of artists broke through due to his trail blazing. Dolly Parton credits him with giving up one of his slots on the Opry so that she could have a chance to debut there.

A Grand Ole Opry member since 1956, he continued to play the Opry until 2 weeks prior to his passing on June 21, 2014. He was 86.

Louisiana Music Hall Of Fame
Grand Ole Opry
Newest Member of theLousiana Music Hall of Fame!
See Jimmy C Newman live on stage at the Grand Ole Opry!
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